About Me

Technology has been in my blood for as far back as I can remember. My dad and my grandfather were both engineers for NASA and I built his first computer when he was 10.

I worked for apple for 6-years doing product testing and support, before I made a switch to programming.

I just finished working for a lovely ethical creative agency in 'sunny' London, creating interactive sites and data-viz that make people give a shit about serious issues.

Now that I've relocated to Miami, I'm working on the data-visuals team at The Miami Herald.

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My Stack

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(Some Of) My Work

The Real Story of Palmoil (The Guardian)

  • An interactive that tells the story of Palmoil.
  • Utilized d3.js to create rich and responsive vector animations.

  • The cost of London living (Internal)

  • I'm sure most of you are aware, but living in London isn't cheap. We came up with an idea to visualize the cost to get enough space to swing a cat in all areas of London.
  • Pulled London property prices from Zoopla API and created a single-page interactive site to display costs based on your post code.
  • No cats were harmed in the production of the site ;)

  • Africa's Hydropower Future (SciDev.Net)

  • One of the biggest issues facing Africa is the lack of energy access.
  • This interactive explores the impact of the current electricity shortage.
  • Utilized d3.js to create colourful data visualisations.

  • What's in your shampoo? (The Guardian)

  • Do you have any idea where some of the stuff in your shampoo comes from?
  • This 3D interactive utilizes the Three.js library to create responsive 3D data-viz.
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